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Tininess and its.. quirks?

June 22nd, 2015, 10:43 am

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Author's Comments:

Posted by JokerMann

I didn't see a point in telling him I'm 18, too... and Jasmine is always quick to add "BY THREE WEEKS!" whenever the subject of who's the oldest comes up.
(also crying on the inside because thanks to Photoshop I can have super good quality gifs that are big!)

@Spar Elric: Oh dang! Hahah that's pretty cool. Does it ever bother you though? :0 (It doesn't really bother me that much, despite the dramatic wailing)

@FrostedWaffle: Alright! Ahah yeah- It makes for very fun stories though.
Oh golly..! Sounds like plenty fun making people feel so embarrassed!

Posted at June 22nd, 2015, 10:52 am

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Posted at July 16th, 2018, 7:07 pm

Reader's Comments:

Posted by balloonless


Posted at June 22nd, 2015, 11:11 am

Spar Elric
Posted by Spar Elric

I'm 28 and someone thought I was a high-school student. So don't feel bad! X3

Posted at June 23rd, 2015, 2:32 am

Posted by FrostedWaffle

I'm in my late 20s and I don't really care if people think I look young but it can be weird in places where people need you to be a certain age to do stuff. I've been carded every time I go to buy a M rated video game. Last time, one of the people behind the counter went so far as to ask if my parents were around so that I could buy it. I earned such a priceless face, mix of shock and embarrassment, when he saw my license's DOB. He kept apologizing to me throughout the entire check out. So it can be pretty fun sometimes too.

Posted at July 1st, 2015, 10:57 pm

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