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June 10th, 2013, 12:24 pm

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Posted by JokerMann

Alex was sitting in the classroom, focused on reading a book about the different body cells’ functions and so on, despite already having read it in class not many years ago. He was reading about mitochondria when he heard a familiar voice belonging to his best friend, Marty, call out his name.

- Hey, Alex!

Alex turned his head around with a small smile on his lips, treasuring the little time they got together before class. As Marty came close to him, he extended a hand and placed it by the nape of Alex’s neck, his touch very light; the brunette’s eyes fluttered shut automatically when he noticed Marty lean down toward him.
Even before they began dating for real, there had been one or two kisses every once in a while between them, but after Marty dated a girl named Jenny for a couple of months and they got into a smaller fight, they felt the need to tone the PDA down a notch. This was what Alex remembered only when he didn’t feel those lips on his own, opening his eyes quickly and biting his lower lip in embarrassment while a blush coloured his face.
Marty looked amused and brushed his fingers through the short hair by Alex’s neck.

- Hey dude. Your new haircut looks nice, and it feels nice too, Marty spoke low in a teasing tone, giving Alex goose bumps – which also could be blamed by the chilly spring-rain.

- Just wanted to know what it felt like, he mumbled. Anyway, I have to get to class, so I’ll see you tonight. With this, Marty waved goodbye and walked away with a grin.

It took him a moment to get his mind collected, and when he did, he mentally cursed the blonde for peaking his curiosity further; Marty had promised him a late birthday present (two months, why not just call it a gift?) and he had been mentioning the secret present for several weeks, just to tease and mess with Alex, although it only got to him the last couple of days. He was only hours away from knowing what it was and so he couldn’t focus on getting anything done during the next – though luckily – last lesson for the day.


Marty felt his pocket buzz and picked it up. It was a text message from Toby. Marty wasn’t surprised he was texting during the lesson and just opened it to see what he wanted.

Toby: dude wtf did u do?

Marty: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Toby: BULL. I’m paired up w/ alex and u did smth and i don’t know this shit so if we fail it’s ur fault.

Marty: Maybe you should use that little brain of yours some time.

Toby: f u

The blonde just huffed out a laugh at his friend’s lame reply. It felt good knowing Alex was curious, especially since he had been acting so nonchalantly whenever Marty brought it up. He began humming on “Tonight’s gonna be a good night” by Black Eyed Peas, thinking tonight was indeed going to be a good night.

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